Monday, March 3, 2014

NYC in Winter

One of the artistic blogs I follow is "Daily Walks" by Diane Varner. Diane recently posted a little collage of images from a winter trip to New York City. It got me thinking about the City, which I usually envision in either Winter or Spring images in my mind.
Personally, I find NYC to be welcoming and wonderful in winter. Here's a shot I made with a Leica IIIC at the Central Park skating rink this winter.
Skating in Central Park, by Reed A. George
Diane seems to find winter in NYC a little less welcoming (based on her comments).
(Click Here) to see Diane's images. I find that for me, the warm yellow tint doesn't match the feel of winter in the City. The exception, to me, is the indoor shot of the bath - I think the yellow tint communicates exactly the right kind of warmth in that case.
It's always fun to see how different photographers interpret the same places and feelings.