Thursday, March 27, 2014

I'm Going to the Film Photography Project Walking Workshop in May!

If you like shooting film, you must know the Film Photograph Project (FPP). I love listening to their podcast, which is about to record its 100th session. These guys really have fun with film photography.
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To check out the FPP, their podcast, film camera and film stock store, flickr community, and more, (Click Here).
I'll be attending the Saturday session of their Walking Workshop in Findlay, Ohio in mid-May.
(Click Here) to read about the workshop.
I've been buying film from the FPP once in a while, as their prices basically match the big NY stores, and I like to support the little guys. The Ilford Delta 3200 I've been using lately comes from them.
So, check out the FPP, support them, and join the Walking Workshop if you can!

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