Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Cropping and Composition - Just an Exercise

I saw this scene outside my window today.
I thought it presented an interesting opportunity to try cropping in multiple ways. So, I shot it with my iPad and proceeded to play around, cropping into various configurations based on the window pane lines.
My first try was this, based solely on my gut feeling of what may look best:
Then, I tried others:
I realized at this point that the bright sky detracted from most compositions. Then, I decided to try some vertical crops.
This one turned out to be my favorite. I added a few touches in Snapseed, including a white frame, and this is what resulted:
Not a masterpiece, by any means, it did help me to think about cropping and composition. At first, the little bit of my house that shows in the picture seemed like a distraction; I would not have picked a composition that included it. In the end, it turned out to be the best subset of the original picture to show.
If nothing else, this reminds me that my first inclination on how to compose a scene may not be the best. It's worth playing around and trying different compositions.