Thursday, November 27, 2014

Incredible Price on the New Lumix DMC-LX100

Amazon has the silver version of the LX100 for $779.01 right now. It is out of stock, but apparently there were some available yesterday. That's a pretty great price. Please use my blog's Amazon link to buy yours!
The LX100 appears to be a worthy upgrade from the already very capable LX7 (which I have). The LX100 uses almost the entire area of a full Micro 4/3 sensor, much larger than the sensor in the LX7.
One of my friends just bought the Leica version of the LX100, the DLUX Type 109. He shared with me a couple of large prints (around 16x20). They were absolutely spectacular.
I'm not ready to pull the trigger on the upgrade for my LX7, but this price has me thinking.
Again, please use my link to Amazon to buy yours, and support my blog at no cost to you!