Thursday, November 13, 2014

Nick De Marco's Leica IIIa

Nick De Marco runs a nice blog called Rangefinder Chronicles. I've featured some of his posts here before.
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I don't know Nick, but with his taste for old Leicas, I'm sure we'd get along just fine.
Nick has posted about a recent purchase, his 1930s Leica IIIa with 50 mm f3.5 Elmar collapsible lens.
(Click Here) to read Nick's post on Rangefinder Chronicles.
It's great to see that Nick has the same trepidation and worries that any reasonable person would have buying and trying to use an 80 year old camera. Come to think of it, would any reasonable person even do that? Anyway. It's also great to see the fine quality images that the old beast produced in his hands.
Yes, I've firmly got one foot in the digital photography game, but my other's still in the past. As long as that means that I get to shoot old machines like Nick's, or my new Leica IIIG (ultimate evolution of the Barnack design at Leica), that's okay with me.