Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Old Nikkor 50mm f1.4 Still Shines

Irish Dance, by Reed A. George
Nikomat FTN, Nikkor S 50mm f1.4, pre-AI Lens
As you may know, I'm continuing to explore shooting Nikon SLR gear that covers a range of more than fifty years. Alongside my new Nikon Df, my original F film body is ready to go, with the Nikkor S 50mm f1.4 lens attached. The lens was a gift from one of my good buddies, Dennis Gallus.
I love it when I find someone else using classic old gear. Forum member DNG on Rangefinder Forum has just shared a few images made with his old Nikkor 50.
(Click Here) to see DNG's results.
I'm not sure what the details are of DNG's statement
"I also used a K25 preset on import from Filmbot. no changes in the color, just Topaz Clarify and Topaz Detail."
but I plan to look up these programs. Always open to new tools that help me continue to enjoy my old film gear and pictures.
The coolest thing about carrying my Df and F together is that any lens I can use on the F is just fine and at home on the Df as well. The inverse is true (any lens on the Df can be used on the F), except for "G" lenses, which lack an aperture ring. I may be the only one who feels this way, but that lack of a ring is keeping me from buying some new Nikon (or Sigma with Nikon mount) lenses.