Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Final Round of Found Prints from The Gilded Flea

I've made two posts already of found prints and an internegative that I recovered from my friend's antique shop "The Gilded Flea" in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. (Click Here) to go to their website; they have tons of amazing stuff.
Here are some more prints that I picked up on my visit. I selected them just because they interested me.
Can anyone guess why I liked this one? The lady with the Polaroid, of course. She's even got her flash bulb pointed to the ceiling for bounced flash. I bet her shot came out great.
And who can argue with "Rockley Music Co.?" Apparently, they also sell Frigidaire appliances.
On the back of this print, it says "It's running fine now."
And finally, this one. Hey, honey, come sit in this tree so I can take your picture!
Thus ends a round of found prints from the past. I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I did.