Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Nikon Df - Amazing Exposure Recovery

Okay, so here's a jpeg of an image I shot with the Nikon Df inside a restaurant on a sunny day last weekend. This one is straight from the camera.
Jpeg, straight from the camera (underexposed)
Even though I used +1 stop compensation with aperture priority metering, clearly it wasn't enough. If I'd done it properly, I would have used spot metering, and metered from the guy's face.
Here's the amazing part. Working with the raw file from the same image in Lightroom, I was able to transform it to this:
After treatment in Lightroom
I brought the exposure up over two full stops. Usually, with other cameras, I've found that there's just not enough information in the shadows to pull this off. I think it worked exceedingly well in this case. I'm very impressed with the images that the Df can produce, even when I screw up the exposure.
Now, rest assured, I'll still try to make the very best exposure possible when I'm shooting. But, it's really nice to know just how much you can recover if things go wrong.
Impressive camera, this Nikon Df.