Thursday, June 28, 2012

Canals - Glasgow, Scotland and Virginia, USA

Glasgow Canal by Kiwi Paul
Glasgow Canals, by Kiwi Paul
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Member Kiwi Paul posted a series of pictures of canals and obsolete lock structures on His images were made with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-G3 and Olympus 14-150mm zoom.
(Click Here) to see the rest of the series.
If I didn't read it, I would think these may be from right here in Northern Virginia. We have both the old Patowmack Canal on the south side of the Potomac River, which was a project headed up by none other than George Washington, and the C&O Canal on the north side. Neither was a commercial succes, but both offer photographic opportunities for those of us who like old stuff.
A couple of years ago, I did a complete photo project on the local canals. It was one of the first projects I ever completed, and I shot it exclusively with Rollei twin lens reflexes (TLRs). Here's an example of mine:
C&O Canal Lock, by Reed A. George
C&O Canal Lock, by Reed A. George
Rollei TLR, exposure not recorded
These inanimate objects can be interesting on their own. However, I'm thinking that they would make a great backdrop for some interesting people pictures. Hmm...