Saturday, June 30, 2012

Seven Day Film Challenge - What Film Will You Use?

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Keith on has posted a July film challenge.
(Click Here) to read the rules.
In order to qualify, you must shoot one roll of film per day (any film format), or two sheets of large format film on seven CONSECUTIVE days, between July 1 and July 28. No excuses are accepted - if you miss a day, you are disqualified. I suppose if you start your seven days early enough in the month, you could always start again in the case of catastrophe.
You can use any film and any film camera. On August 1, go back to the post (Here), and Keith will announce where to post your three best pictures from your seven day experience. You can also post about any experiences involved in meeting the seven day challenge.
I think I will do this. I am going to visit my parents in Oklahoma in early July, which will give me four of those seven days to kick back and shoot some film. I sure wish I had a Panasonic film camera, to keep in my Lumix theme for this blog. So, what's the closest? Well, I suppose since Panasonic and Leica have a relationship, shooting a film Leica will have to suffice. Gosh, what a burden. :)
Anyway, join in the fun! Let's see what you can do with analog for a week!