Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Products - Micro Lens Pouches for Small Lenses (e.g. Micro 4/3)

Micro Lens Pouches
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Member LightingLeica (Todd) on the getdpi forums has announced that his company is making small, padded lens pouches, well-fit to Micro 4/3 lenses. In fact, they have an excellent page to tell you which pouch you need for your specific lenses. It includes all of my Lumix lenses.

Just to be sure you know - I have no connection with Todd, other than I'm trying out his new product. However, if you buy yours through my Amazon links below, I'll get a small commission to support my blog.

(Click Here) to go to the Micro Lens Pouch site.

Please purchase yours through the links to Amazon below. You get the same price, and I get a few pennies to help keep my blog going!

The prices are very reasonable. I am planning to purchase a set of three (small, medium, large), once they're in stock.

I've ordered the two-piece set (small and medium), and will get a large later (assuming I like the first two). It's great to have them available through Amazon, as my Amazon Prime membership covers the shipping cost!

I'll report back on how they work!

UPDATE 6/13/12: I received my small and medium pouches. My initial impression is that they are well-made, and likely to be durable. The material is very nice, and provides a lot of padding in a thin material. They are lightweight. So, I think I am going to be pleased with them.

Always happy to help out a photo-entrepreneur.