Monday, June 11, 2012

Kirk Tuck of Visual Science Lab - Olympus Pen F 150mm f4 on G3 - Well, It Works Quite Well, Thank You!

Kirk Tuck's G3 and Oly 150mm f4
Kirk Tuck's Panasonic Lumix DMC-G3 and Olympus Pen F 150mm f4
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Kirk Tuck recently wrote about the experience of using a very nice legacy lens on his Panasonic Lumix DMC-G3. This is the 150mm f4 made by Olympus in the 1970s.
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Kirk's contention is that Olympus is following its own footsteps, introducing new Pen lenses for the Micro 4/3 line that represent equivalents to those of the past. The Pen F lenses were made for the original Olympus Pen system, which was a half-frame 35mm format - the same field of view as Micro 4/3.
Kirk also makes the point that without all of today's gadgetry built into the camera, great optics can still produce great results. I agree wholeheartedly. After scanning film for a couple of hours last night, I had a couple of examples that remind me how sweet old glass can be. For example, this is from my Leica Summar 5cm f2 lens from the 1930s:
Stand-Up Bass Taking a Rest, by Reed A. George
Leica IIIC, Leica Summar 5cm f2
The Leica Summar is a very early 35mm rangefinder lens, and is known for "soft" glass, which is easily damaged by cleaning or otherwise. In fact, it took purchasing three different units before I found an undamaged one. But boy, does it have character.
I will admit that while I am still in love with many of my old lenses, including attached to the latest Lumix bodies, I for one cannot wait to try out the new Olympus 75mm f1.8.
Thanks, Kirk, for sharing your thoughts!
Notice: As of today, 6/1/12, this lens is only available for pre-order. It is not in stock.