Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fujifilm XE-1 and Leica Lens - And An Unbelievable Flare Up Over A Simple Blogger's Mistake

Shot with Fujifilm XE-1 and Leica 90mm Summicron f2
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Brandon Remier has posted a large series of images he took with the new Fujifilm XE-1 and an adapted Leica Summicron 90mm f2 lens. Brandon fully discloses that he's a Fujifilm employee, but that his blog is his own.
(Click Here) to go to Brandon's blog.
I am very impressed with Brandon's ability to focus a telephoto lens manually without an eye-level finder. I can't imagine trying to do this from an LCD display. Clearly, he pulled it off. The images are quite nice.
Brandon made the mistake of using the word "peaking" in his post. Comments sprang up in large numbers attacking Brandon's knowledge, Fujifilm's employees' understanding of the market, etc., as there is no "focus peaking" on the XE-1. Focus peaking refers to a function on Sony and maybe other cameras, where the in-focus areas of an image are highlighted by the camera. Wow. One wrong word, and all the critics came out, including "Anonymous" who had to apologize multiple times for commenting while drunk. I'm not kidding.
Anyway - two points here: 1) the XE-1 looks great and can function with manual focus lenses without an eye-level finders, and 2) blogger beware - it's a rough world out there!