Monday, October 1, 2012

Well, It's No Surprise, But the New Zeiss Lenses for Mirrorless Are Not For Micro 4/3 - Yet?

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Carl Zeiss has introduced a new line of autofocus prime lenses for mirrorless camera systems. Unfortunately for Lumix users, formats don't include Micro 4/3, at least not at this point. I guess this is no surprise, given Zeiss' relationship with Sony. Of course the NEX mount is the main platform.
(Click Here) to read more details on the Zeiss site.
At this point, they've announced the following lenses: 12mm f2.8, 32mm f1.8, and 50mm f2.8 macro.
What is a little surprising to me is that they did include the Fujifilm XPro mount. Great news for Fuji and users!
These three lenses all have autofocus capability, with complete system compatibility. None of them offer image stabilization.
Zeiss reports that they will be around the 1,000 Euro mark in price, and should be available in spring/summer 2013.
In the article, Dr. Michael Pollman, Consumer Lenses Product and Program Manager, leaves the door open for future Micro 4/3 lenses. He states that Zeiss wanted to focus on the larger APS-C sensor market first. He also makes it clear that the focal length and size of lenses designed for APS-C would not be optimal for Micro 4/3. I can go along with that. The 12mm focal length is well-covered by an excellent Olympus product, and the macro is covered by the Pana-Leica Macro-Elmarit 45mm f2.8.
Well, Dr. Pollman, us Micro 4/3 users will keep our fingers crossed! We'd love to welcome Zeiss lenses to our cameras.