Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Are We Almost There? With Unobtrusive Wireless Backup, That Is?

The iPad (2, in my case) has become a major part of my life, even though I'm an Apple curmudgeon in general. And, as you may know, I still have a love for cameras that don't need a battery. But, the iPad is dragging me, kicking and screaming, into this millenium.
I am committed to using the iPad as backup and viewing of my photos on travel. Right now, I use the Apple SD adapter, and get a second copy onto the iPad as soon as possible after shooting. However, I typically keep the original copy on my SD card, which means having a lot of SD cards with me. So far, uploading the files to the web is too slow to be a useful third copy. Or, wireless connection in hotels is spotty enough to make it really hard. And, my iPad only has 64Gb total storage, which includes all of my business apps and work.
I've been looking at wireless hard drives, like the the Seagate GoFlex, which is essentially a wifi-capable mechanical hard drive.
(Click Here) to see the GoFlex on Amazon.
I've read some mixed reviews of how it works, so have not pulled the trigger.
Now, this morning, I saw my first solid state (as in "no moving parts") wireless hard drive, the Transcend StoreJet Cloud:
Image Source:
The storage capacity isn't huge (64 Gb), but not bad, either. This device is marketed for use in taking all of your music and videos with you when you travel. I want to turn it around, and use it to back-up the photos I take while I'm out. I need a demo to convince me that's possible.
(Click Here) to see the Storejet Cloud on Amazon
The process I'm considering at this point is to continue to use the Apple card adapter to transfer images from my SD card to the iPad, then back it up wirelessly to something like the Storejet Cloud.
Then, I see this:
Image Source:
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This is a Wi-Fi enabled SD card, which is designed specifically for use with iPad (iOS) or Android devices. If it works as I envision, I can upload directly to the iPad without the Apple adapter. I'm sure it will be slower, but it even has a mode where it will do it as I'm shooting. Now, if that ever negatively affected my shooting, it would be turned off forever. But, think how great it would be to have a backup of everything you shoot being made as you shoot, through a direct wireless connection between your camera's SD card and the iPad in your camera bag. That would be cool.
I don't know if it works that way.
Also, one more question - if I bought the StoreJet Cloud and the Wi-Fi SD, could I have the card make copies to both the iPad and the wireless hard drive at the same time? Ideally, I could save a jpeg version to my iPad, and both raw and jpeg to the hard drive.
Tough customer, aren't I? If this worked, I'd buy both the card and hard drive today. I think the chances of all the integration points working is very slim.
Note to Transcend: You now have all the pieces. Make it happen for me.