Sunday, November 25, 2012

Three Years of B&W Images from noizy's Lumix GF-1

"I Will Come for You," by noizy on
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I still have a Lumix DMC-GF1. When I bought my G3 bodies, I happily sold my trusty G1. I chose to keep the GF1, mainly because I really like the form factor. However, I have not used it since getting the G3s.
Member noizy on has shared an awesome selection of monochrome images shot with the GF1 over a three year period.
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I really like the shape, size, and style of the GF1. However, I always use the accessory electronic viewfinder (EVF), which really breaks all of that in my opinion. I just can't be happy shooting from an LCD. The accessory EVF makes the GF1 really no smaller than the G3, which has the finder integrated. I thought it may be a great back-up body to carry on travel, but since it uses a different battery than the G3, I don't use it for that, either. I don't want to carry yet another charger. I really should sell the GF1.
I love it when someone just uses a camera, regardless of what else is out there in terms of new products. This is exactly what noizy has done here.