Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"Everyday Poetic" by Olivier Duong (

Everyday Poetic by Olivier Duong
As every morning, I was blowing through a lot of news and blog entries online to see if there's anything new and interesting in the online world of photography today. Not finding anything inspiring, I decided to take at look at Olivier Duong's blog, That's when I saw the image above.
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Apparently, Olivier is writing an ebook, and took this shot during a mind break in the coffee shop. I'll be sure to look for his book when it comes out.
I love the flowing lines, monochrome treatment (I bet the colors in this shot were interesting, too), and sort of rough post-processing. The vignetting in the corners focuses the viewer on the smooth curves of the fabric, just as it should. Nicely done, Olivier!
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