Monday, November 19, 2012

Found Film - How Cool It Can Be

A couple of years back, I took a chance and bought a largely-undescribed Zeiss medium format folding camera from a seller on ebay. The seller did not normally deal in camera equipment (I checked), so I thought

"Who knows, maybe I'll get lucky."

Well, I did. Not only did the camera turn out to be equipped with a downright gorgeous Tessar f2.8 f3.5 lens (YES!), it had a roll of film still in it. I could hardly breathe as I processed that roll. Here are a couple of the results:
Found Film, Recovered by Reed A. George
Zeiss 521/16 Folder, 120 Film
Man, I Wish I Knew the Exposure (and other) Details!

I quickly posted the results to my favorite online neighborhood of friendly photographers.
(Click Here) to see what people had to say, and the rest of the pictures from this camera. Consensus says it's likely from a JFK speech in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the early 1960s, probably right before I was born.

(Click Here) to read a tongue-in-cheek story I wrote about it for JPG Magazine.

And here's what the camera can still do:
Waterford News, by Reed A. George
Not Bad for Guess Focus and f2.8 3.5, Huh?
Zeiss 521/16, f2.8 3.5

What got me thinking about this? A very cool post by New Zealand blogger Jason about purchasing some Leica equipment from a deceased photographer's family and discovering a treasure trove of slides.

(Click Here) to see the post on

I have to get that old Zeiss folder out soon. It's been a while. You just can't beat using an old camera that gives these kind of results.