Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fred Bonatto Shares Bosnia on With His Leica M8

I always really liked the Leica M8. Yes, it had a cropped sensor. Yes, you had to use UV/IR filters. Yes, lens coding was a pain, especially for people like me who don't have the latest (coded) lenses. But, it sure could make a nice image when all the right pieces were in place.
Fred Bonatto (username bonatto on has shared some images from Bosnia, taken with his M8.
Image Source:
(Click Here) to read bonatto's post, and see several more excellent Leica M8 images.
Here's one that I shot with my M8. I sold my M8 when I got the M9.
Eric Felton Orchestra, by Reed A. George
Leica M8, Minolta Rokkor 40mm f2 Lens
iso 640, f2, 1/90 sec.
The M8 delivered beautiful, not-overstated color. But, I think it really excelled at black and white.
In my humble opinion, the M9 does everything that the M8 did, and much more. Full frame, no filters required, manual lens settings (or coding, if you need them). The M8 was capable of magic when things were all correct; the M9 is capable of magic any time.