Monday, March 11, 2013

Nice DMC-GH3 Image - Am I Missing Micro 4/3?

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Brian G posted the shot above, taken with the Lumix 20mm f1.7 lens and new DMC-GH3 camera.
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As I've recently written, I have not been exercising my Micro 4/3 gear much this year. Not at all, really. I am beginning to think the only reason is that I have so many other fun choices, and because I overdid it a little last year, focusing too much on that format.
I am planning a one day add-on to a business trip coming up, to go shoot in the California desert. In thinking about what gear to take, my first thought was Nikon DSLR. I want the ultimate image quality that the full frame D700 affords me, and everything from wide to macro to telephoto lenses. However, that would be a big, heavy pack. Hmm. Maybe. I think I would likely take a wide (20 or 24mm f2.8), 35mm f2, 50mm f1.4, and one zoom - the 70-300mm AF-S VR. I could cover the wider focal lengths with a single 24-85 zoom, but believe the tradeoff in optical quality makes it less sensible to go Nikon in that case. I am becoming even more dedicated to primes as time passes.
Alternatively, I could carry my DMC-G3 kit, with the following lenses: 14mm f2.5 (tiny), 20mm f1.7 (tiny), 45mm f2.8 macro (no macro in the Nikon kit above), and Olympus 75mm f1.8. I get faster apertures, great optics, and a very light kit, particularly if I don't carry a second body. The only tradeoff (and it's a big one) is sensor quality.
On the subject of Micro 4/3 image quality, the DMC-GH3 is the top of the line for Panasonic. The shot above is one of very few I've actually seen posted. Maybe it's just early in the GH3 life cycle. But, I have also read that many people don't like the increased size of the GH3. I'm certainly in that boat. If I don't get the tiny size of previous Micro 4/3 cameras (like my G3s), I will certainly carry a full frame Nikon.
So, you may see some new Micro 4/3 shots from me in the near future. I think I've recovered from last year's Lumix focus, with some good old Nikon, Leica, and even film camera therapy. I'm ready to get the G3s out again. And I'm still waiting on that DMC-GX2 announcement...