Monday, December 1, 2014

Playing With An Old Image - Pigeonholed

It's fun to go back and see what you were shooting several years ago, and with what gear.
Here's a shot I made ten years ago with my Nikon D70 (my first DSLR) and Nikkor 70-300mm ED lens:
Pigeonholed, by Reed A. George, 2004
I decided to play around with it a little in Snapseed on my iPad. Here's what I came up with:
Pigeonholed, Ten Years After
I understand that many will prefer the straight, original shot. For me, it depends on my mood. Tonight, I like the dark, slightly ominous version.
That old D70 was really a decent camera. Nothing to compare to my new Nikon Df, but still quite a camera. And the 70-300 ED lens was a pretty good zoom, too. Now I have replaced it with the VR version, which is even better.