Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Shot I Like from Chinese New Year

Noodle Shop Spectators, by Reed A. George
Leica IIIG, 50mm f2 Summicron Collapsible
Ilford HP5 Film, Developed for 7 1/2 mins. in D-76
The Chinese New Year parade in Washington, DC had much lower attendance in 2015 than last year. I managed to shoot a 36 exposure roll of Ilford HP5, but really spent as much time talking and having lunch with my friend, Charlie, as I did shooting. This is the noodle shop we decided on, where the chef is making noodles by hand in the front window. You can see the ducks hanging on the right.
We both had a nice bowl of roasted duck noodle soup, and then stopped at the Chinese bakery next door for a pastry.
I do have some more images from this roll of film to share, but this one is one of my favorites.