Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Changes Coming in Leica's Financial Future?

Maybe We'll See More of This in the Future?
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My friend Bill sent me a very interesting article about a potential riff in the company management at Leica.
(Click Here) to read "Leica in Troubled Waters - Strategic Investor Blackstone Ups Pressure" on the Theme blog.
Now, I want to be clear here. I love Leica, and am not hoping for trouble in the company. Unlike many, I don't automatically hate industry leaders (think Microsoft), or even those who carve out and own a niche (think Leica). In fact, I can see good things coming for Leica. There's a hint at the bottom of the article on Theme about Panasonic becoming more official in its relationship to Leica (as in sending funds in some form, which will certainly increase Panasonic's influence, who knows to what degree). That could be good for Leica. My opinion of Panasonic's materials science and manufacturing capability couldn't be higher. And, that opinion comes from some real hands-on experience, as twenty one years ago today, I was living in Japan for a year and training at a Panasonic Factory Automation facility. Anyway, I digress.
I drove a Jaguar during the period that Jaguar was owned by Ford. I would say that my car was reliable, not something that most would have said about Jaguars built before that period.