Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Rolleicord / Rolleikin (35mm in a Medium Format TLR) at the Farmer's Market in DC

I've been shooting twin lens reflex (TLR) cameras more and more lately. I've always loved TLRs, especially Rolleis. One of the things I love is the square (6x6) format that most of them are set up to use, on medium format 120 film. Today, I'll share something different - an older (1954-1957) Rolleicord V (cheaper version of the Rolleiflex), fitted with a Rolleikin attachment.
The Rolleikin, produced by Rollei as an add-on option, allows you to use 35mm film in a TLR. It shoots full-frame on the 35mm format, in portrait orientation. Since the Rolleicord has a 75mm lens (a Schneider Xenar in my case), shooting on 35mm film yields a medium telephoto result. The telephoto lens and portrait orientation make the Rolleicord/Rolleikin a lovely portrait camera.
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Here are some shots I made at the farmer's market in DC with my Rolleicord/Rolleikin. All are shot on Ilford HP5+.
Farmer's Market, DC, by Reed A. George
Rolleicord V with Rolleikin Attachment
The Rolleikin is quite easy to use. The viewing lens on the Rolleicord, which is used for focusing, is not as bright as my Rolleiflexes, being f3.2 versus f2.8 on the 'flexes. In the bright sunlight of the market, that was not a problem at all.
I've also come to realize that I need to wear my reading glasses when focusing a TLR. That's kind of a pain. I understand that there are diopters that can be fitted to the Rollei finder, but have not located one for my camera yet.
It's fun to experiment with these lovely old cameras, and the Rolleikin is an interesting attachment that changes the character of the camera.