Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Another Insightful Post from Kirk Tuck, The Visual Science Lab

Kirk Tuck's Comparison of DMC-G3 and Canon DSLR
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Kirk Tuck shared a very interesting post about how our choices in equipment are so much better than ever before.
(Click Here) to see the original post at the Visual Science Lab site.
I very much like and agree with Kirk's opinion that none of the excellent camera formats available to us makes any of the others obsolete. As he states, everything from medium or large format film, down to Micro 4/3 (and smaller) is useful in its own right. I very much like his thought that the small size of Micro 4/3 gear may open new market opportunities for those in applications that benefit from it.
I find that I still rely on my full-frame Nikon equipment for certain applications (wireless flash, the lowest noise at high iso, super-fast action), but am quite pleased to leave it at home when my Micro 4/3 kit (usually two DMC-G3s) will suffice. And, I find that it suffices most of the time.
I appreciate Kirk's approach of celebrating the opportunities these new formats give us, without trashing the more established formats and what they do for us.
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