Wednesday, March 28, 2012

External Flash For Panasonic Micro 4/3 - I Bought the Nissin Di466

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Nissin Di466 External Flash for Micro 4/3

Well, I have once again come back to the subject of external flash for my Lumix DMC-G3s. I really dislike the fact that the Lumix cameras do not allow you to control flash in any type of manual way. Yes, you can compensate up or down by up to two stops on the G3, but only based on the camera's ttl exposure system. I have been largely unable to use the in-camera flash for daylight fill.

I did find that I can use my (huge) Nikon flashes (SB600 or SB800) with the Nikon remote cable in manual mode with the G3. But, in that case, only manual mode. Also, as I understand it, wireless triggering from the Lumix cameras does not work with the Nikon flashes, because the Lumix uses a preflash that prematurely triggers the Nikons. Now, that is based on what I have read; I have not tried that myself.

I read a post on dpreview on this subject, which reviews several options, including the Olympus FL360, as well as products from Cactus, Metz, and Nissin. From what I can surmise, the Nissin offers the best combination of features, including bounce capability (tilt but not swivel, which means bounce flash in landscape only), ttl and manual, and wireless triggering.

(Click Here) to read the post on dpreview. It is worth clicking through all of the replies, each with additional information.

A month or two ago, I decided to buy the Nissin Di466, which goes for about $130 on Amazon, but it was out of stock. It is now in stock, so I clicked that dangerous little "Add to Cart" button and bought it. Since I have Amazon Prime, I got free shipping, and will receive it in two days.

I usually like to have a new little something to test out (but not rely on) when I go on a trip. This will be the gadget for my upcoming trip to Japan. I'll let you know how it works. Hopefully,I'll have some nice sample pics to share.