Thursday, March 15, 2012

This I Love - Carl Zeiss Lens Stress Test Description

Zeiss Planars
Zeiss Planars of Various Designs
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On the official Carl Zeiss Camera Lens Blog, they have posted a short video describing how they stress test their camera lenses.
(Click Here) to see the blog page.
I used to work for Motorola, back in the days before it sold off all of its manufacturing operations, and way before it became part of Google. This video reminds me of the accelerated life tests that we used to put integrated circuit packages and products through. It warms my heart to see that someone still does them on high quality products. I also really enjoy seeing the excitement that Norbert Wittekindt from Carl Zeiss Oberkochen brings to the process.
This is the kind of information that draws a gearhead like me to a particular brand. And Zeiss certainly deserves that attention.