Friday, March 23, 2012

Dual Exhibit at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography

Exploring Steel Bridge, by Masao Horino
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As I have mentioned, I will be traveling to Japan in a little over a week from now. I love Tokyo, and am never without something new to explore, a new neighborhood to walk, or someone new to meet. I usually make it to the excellent gallery at Fujifilm's modern facility in Midtown. But, I have yet to make it to the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. The last time I was there, I made the mistake of planning to go on a Monday, the only day of the week the museum is closed.
This time, while I'm there, there are two concurrent exhibits, one showing the work of Felice Beato (1832-1909), the other Masao Horino (1907-1998).
Beato was an early war photographer, active as Brady and his cohort were busy photographing the American Civil War. Beato photographed British military activities throughout Asia, but ended up spending 20 years in Japan. In addition to military subjects, he photographed local culture, and introduced hand coloring of photographs to the region. He also manually produced enormous panoramic images, ten of which are included in the exhibit. About 140 of his photographs in total are included.
Masao Horino was most active in the 1930s, and was very interested in advancing modern photography. He put his efforts into improving low, available light. He also showed female subjects in a new, casual way, unconventional in Japanese society. Horino stopped photographing, and showing his work, after World War 2, claiming his photographs had been lost in the war. This exhibit, including about 200 of his works, is his first show in 75 years.
(Click Here) for more information on the show, at Japan Times online.
I am planning to view both shows on my upcoming trip. Hopefully I'll have a good story to tell, or at least some of my own impressions to share.