Saturday, March 24, 2012

Film Shots - Washington DC's Seafood Docks, Rolleiflex T

A couple of weeks ago, my friend and fellow blogger Aboud Dweck and I got together to talk a little shop, shoot some pictures, and eat a lot of food.
(Click Here) to see Aboud's post on the subject.
Well, I decided to shoot something different that day, and selected my 1955 (I think I remember that right) Rolleiflex T twin lens reflex, with a beautiful Tessar f3.5 lens. I shot Provia 120 slide film. A couple of weeks later, my developed film is back from Dwayne's, and looks great.
If you need excellent film processing, (Click Here) to go to Dwayne's.
Anyway, Aboud and I went to the dockside seafood market in DC. Here's what I shot:
DC Seafood, by Reed A. George

Rainbow, by Reed A. George

Crab Buckets, by Reed A. George

Crabby?, by Reed A. George
Steamy, by Reed A. George
Family, by Reed A. George
I had a great time, first meeting with Aboud, who's always entertaining, and second with shooting a beautiful old piece of photographic history. It's quite an amount of effort to meter manually, focus manually, mail off the film, pay, and wait for the results. But, I must say, I love the feeling of ripping that envelope open and seeing what's inside.
While shooting the Rolleiflex has little to do with Lumix, I hope that it will once again instill that slowed-down, careful approach to all of my photography. I do plan to take a little of that approach to my modern Panasonic kit, especially on my upcoming trip to Japan. Let's think "fewer shots, more meaning." That will be my theme.