Monday, May 28, 2012

Chapter 3 of My eBook on the G3 Is Now Available For Free Download!

Panasonic Lumix DMC-G3
with Nikon Nikkor 28mm f2.8 Manual Focus Lens

If you've been following the development of my eBook, you may be interested to know that Chapter 3 is now available for free download. Chapter 3 takes on the subject of focusing - both the extensive autofocus (AF) technologies and the superb manual focusing tools resident in the DMC-G3.

(Click Here) to download Chapter 3 - Focusing

As a reminder, here are the links to the posts for the first two chapters:
(Click Here) for Chapter 1 - Introduction and External Controls
(Click Here) for Chapter 2 - Menu Settings
Writing this chapter helped me to work through some questions I had with AF settings. Probably the most important thing I learned is how cool Pinpoint Focus can be when used in conjunction with the Touch Screen. As a regular user of the Electronic View Finder (EVF), I don't use the Touch Screen often. However, after trying out Pinpoint Focus, I now have it in mind should the opportunity present itself.
I hope you're enjoying the eBook! Please comment, drop me a line, or even purchase something on Amazon by clicking through the link below. It doesn't cost you anything extra.