Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Ultimate Adaptation - 100 Year Old Camera on Modern Sensor

Rick Nunn's Hybrid Kodak Vest Pocket/Canon DSLR Camera

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Rick Nunn's Hybrid - a 100 Year Old Vest Pocket Kodak and Canon EOS.
This is very cool! Rick Nunn shows how he adapted a 100 year old Kodak Vest Pocket camera to shoot on his Canon SLR. He includes a video to describe how it's done. Essentially, he attaches the camera to extension tubes, and a lens mount adapter.
(Click Here) to read Rick's post.
I am new to his blog, but definitely added it to my regular reading list. He seems to share my interest in cameras, blogging, and coffee.
This idea is interesting. I have an old Zeiss folder with a stuck shutter in the closet at home. This approach should work just fine, perhaps even easier, with Micro 4/3 bodies. Maybe I'll give it a try.
I'd like to see more examples from Rick's camera. Maybe that's coming soon.
Don't forget all of those ready-made adapters to use your older lenses on Micro 4/3: