Sunday, December 23, 2012

Beautiful Series of Street Photos from Morocco - Daniel Belenguer

Copyright Daniel Belenguer (Used by Permission From the Artist)
Leica M6
Leica M6
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I love a post that I can learn from. Photographer Daniel Belenguer gives a very nice written description of a holiday he recently took to Morocco. He went extremely light on equipment - a single Leica M6, 35mm lens, light meter (his in-camera meter is busted), and 25 rolls of film. He got some amazing images, in my opinion.
(Click Here) to read Daniel's post and see all of his pictures from the trip.
I envy those who can go so light on equipment and come back with so many successful images. For myself, if I went somewhere like Morocco, I would not be able to live without having at least one backup camera with me. Nowadays, that could be a very small camera, like the Lumix DMC-LX7. But, I'd need at least that.
Then I think about lenses. If I had to pick one lens for a trip like this, it may well be a 35mm, as Daniel did. However, I am really better oriented to the 50mm focal length. I've limited myself to one lens many times. If I picked the 35, I usually longed for a 50. If I chose a 50, there were moments when I wished it was a 35. Perhaps this is why the 40mm Rokkor is such a beloved lens on my Leica CL. I guess I'm saying that if I have to pick one lens, the 40mm Rokkor f2 (manufactured in a partnership between Leica and Minolta in the 70s) might be it.
In fact, on my recent trip to Barcelona, the only non-Lumix gear I took was the Leica CL and 40mm Rokkor. I've got my processed film back from The Darkroom (great mail-in film processing service,, and need to get to work on a post from those rolls. I'm quite happy with what I see in the scans. You'll see a post of those very soon.
When I look at Daniel's images, I see that 35mm was the appropriate focal length for him. There are a few cases where I would want to be a little tighter in composition, which the 50mm would have done perfectly. Overall, though, I would say more of his images fit the 35mm field of view. So, he made the right choice in my humble opinion.
Nice job, Daniel. Thanks for sharing your results with the world. And thanks for giving permission to use a photo or two.