Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Interesting Photo Challenge - Simplify, Focus on Framing and Timing

Here's a challenge, presented on the facebook page of Next Cameras (http://www.facebook.com/NextCameras?ref=stream
"...Hmmm. So here's a simple technique to try: shoot like a Reuter's PJ next time you head out. Bring a wide angle zoom and start with it at the widest focal length. Set aperture priority with your fastest aperture. Change only one camera setting: ISO value to keep your shutter speed in a range you're comfortable that you'll get sharp images from (and if
you're really following the rules, set your Nikon body to one-stop increments for ISO ;~). Spend all your remaining energy on just three things: framing, focus, and timing. Note that "framing" may mean moving forward, backward, and sideways! You, not the zoom. (For those that think landscape photography can't be done this way, think again. It's actually very close to the way I learned from Galen Rowell and still practice, only we don't usually set maximum aperture, but rather something like f/8.

I'll make a small wager: you get better images by concentrating this way. PJs do, so why should you be any different? ;~)
Thanks to Thom Hogan for the idea."
I like this. It reminds me of the shooting I recently did with my new Holga lens on the Lumix DMC-G3.

Shot With Holga 25mm f8 Lens on Lumix DMC-G3
Sometimes it's just plain good to narrow the variables. I will try Thom's suggestion above.