Monday, December 24, 2012

Here's an Example of Something I'm Considering for DMC-365

Olympus mju 2
Well, here's what happens when you write posts ahead of time. Two days ago, I posted a follow-up to this post, which I had meant to go up earlier. So, they're out of order.
If you've been reading my blog lately, you'll know that I'm exploring some changes to the format of DMC-365. One of the things I'm considering is highlighting some favorite cameras, including using them and sharing the results.
Steve Huff's site has hosted a very nice little post about the Olympus mju, written by Ilya Reddy.
(Click Here) to read Ilya's post about love for the mju on Steve Huff's site.
The post includes a nice description of why Ilya enjoys the mju so much, some critical review of some of the drawbacks (including the need to reset center focus and exposure, and turn off the flash, every time you turn the camera on), and several nice example images.
Way to go, Ilya and Steve. I hope to use a similar format to share some of my photographic favorites.
My wife has an old Olympus Stylus in a drawer. Maybe I'll drag it out for a weekend.