Thursday, December 20, 2012

On Crows and Urban Naturalists

This is the absolute perfect image for me today. I found it on Diane Varner's Daily Walk blog. There's a little prose to go along with it.
(Click Here) to see the post on Diane's blog.
Why does this fit my thoughts today? Well, I just finished reading a great book about urban naturalists and crows last night. It's called Crow Planet, by Lyanda Lynn Haupt (see the link below). This is a great book. It centers discussion around crows and how they thrive in urban environments, but is really about how to be a naturalist without living the true wilderness. Haupt does a good job of helping us to be realists about the "highly disturbed" nature of our greenspaces and yards, yet study nature for what it is today. She carries binoculars and a magnifier with her every day in her life in Seattle, Washington. She welcomes spiders into her home. My kind of gal.
So, you can see why I was drawn to Diane Varner's picture above, I think.