Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Street Portraits by airfrogusmc on Rangefinder Forum - Leica M Monochrom, 35mm f1.4 Summilux FLE

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Rangefinder Forum member airfrogusmc has posted a very nice series of street portraits, all made with Leica's new "black and white only" M Monochrom rangefinder. The idea of this camera is that by removing the color filters used to make a color image from their sensor, they make an exquisitely sensitive black and white imaging system. For people who aren't obsessive about black and white images, an $8,000 camera that doesn't shoot color seems crazy; maybe it is. But, there you have it.
(Click Here) to see all of the great images posted on the Rangefinder Forum post.
The photographer shot all of these using a Leica Summilux 35mm f1.4 FLE (which means "floating lens element") lens. This is one of Leica's crowning achievements in lens design. The floating lens element helps to solve a classic problem in lens design, which is the fact that the focus point shifts depending on how far you are from your subject. Most lenses are optimized to focus at a certain distance. The FLE is accurate at all distances, or very nearly so.
I always go back and forth on which lens is best for street use. Certainly, if I were going out to do street portraits, I would choose a 50mm over a 35mm focal length. On the other hand, if portraits were not my main objective, but just street scenes, I may choose the 35mm. This post shows the flexibility of the 35mm focal length for any type of street photography.
Great equipment, great shots! Thanks, airfrogusmc.