Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dear Nikon - Please Bring This To Market!

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I still have a lot of old fim cameras. Included in that bunch are two Nikon FM2s. The FM2 is a gorgeous workhorse of a camera, and just gets the job done.
According to nikonrumors, Nikon has patented the invention of a self-contained digital back for film SLRs. This would transform your old film camera into a digital one.
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Maybe electronic miniaturization has finally gotten to the point that this could work. I know that a battery the size of a 35mm film cassette (and fitting in where the film used to go) could give a reasonable number of shots on a single charge. I would even consider buying one of these if it didn't come with an LCD display. I'd love to be able to go shoot my FM2, come home and upload my images, even if I couldn't see them in the field. Having a display would be even better.
Of course, filing a patent, which itself could be a rumor, is far from bringing a product to market. But, I'm not selling my FM2s just yet. Actually, I'll never sell them.