Monday, February 18, 2013

From the Leica Blog - Emilie Rosson on Photography and the Leica X1

Emilie Rosson
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The Leica Blog has an interview with emerging artist and photographer Emilie Rosson, exploring her creative thoughts, and her preference for the Leica X1.
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I found this article interesting for a few reasons. First off, Emilie is not an accomplished success, with funds to buy any camera she wants. In fact, while she obviously enjoys the 2nd hand X1 that she currently uses, she admits to really wanting a Leica M9. She is also uncommon in that her style is still developing; she's not yet focused on a specialty. In fact, she says that she's currently into portraits, architecture, macro, flowers, and has an emerging interest in street photography.
While Emilie is a self-diagnosed cynic, that does not come through in her images. In fact, they're somewhat joyful. Emilie explains that photography provides her a measure of freedom from her own cynicism.
As a bonus, there's a link to a short video on street photography in the blog entry.
Read the whole story. I find it to be a refreshing break from my own concept of the typical Leica photographer.