Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Kodak Tri-X Black and White Film - So Many of Us Grew Up On It

The first roll of black and white film I ever shot and developed was most likely Kodak Tri-X asa 400. It was certainly the standard in my 6th grade middle school darkroom, and for the yearbook project. Tri-X was also the standard for the photojournalists of the time, and for a very long time.
For years, I bulk-loaded my own cassettes from 100' rolls. Those were the days. And that emotion seems to keep lots of people using Tri-X.
Personally, I have moved on to Kodak Tmax 400 as my standard film. Tmax has finer grain. But Tri-X does have a very special look to it.
John Bragg has started a post about how he just can't get Tri-X out of his system.
(Click Here) to read his post, and other users' comments on rangefinderforum
John should not be in any hurry to change. The shot above, shot on a Nikon FM2N and Vivitar 135mm lens leaves little to be desired.