Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ricardson Williams - Fuji XPro-1 Street Photography in China

I'm intensely interested in the directions that Fujifilm is pushing photography. The XPro-1 is a break from the normal, as are several of Fuji's latest cameras. And the excitement continues with the announcement of the X100S. Fuji produces first-rate optics, and has for a very long time. Now they are pushing the standards of sensor technology, and fitting it all into product designs and form factors that appeal to serious photographers.
Ricardson Williams has posted some street shots from where he lives in China, taken with the XPro-1.
(Click Here) to read Ricardson's post on Rangefinder Forum
In my opinion, the Fujfilm cameras do a very nice job with color rendition. What would you expect from the company that brought us Velvia and Provia slide film? Obviously, they translate into black and white just fine, as well.
There is an adapter to mount Leica M lenses to the XPro-1. While I have seen a lot of information about the adapter online, I haven't seen too many pictures with Leica lenses on the XPro. Ricardson's shots were made with the Fujifilm 35mm f1.4. I imagine that the high quality of Fuji's optics, together with the autofocus capability, which you obviously don't get with the Leica M lenses, convinces most people to shoot with the Fuji lenses.
I'm watching for the first reviews of the X100S; it seems that it could be a very nice companion to the Leica M9.