Wednesday, February 6, 2013

On Curiosity, by Mimo Khair

Mimo Khair has a very nice blog about creative photography. Like me, she started a 365 day blog project in January 2011, and is continuing on past that initial year.
Mimo has a very interesting personal story, born in Lebanon, now living in Shanghai, China.
(Click Here) to go to her blog.
I love this shot of the little girl standing on tiptoes to peer at something. It has a tension, but not in an ominous or dark way. I would have been very tempted to convert this one to black and white and boost the contrast, but it does very well in color as well.
This is one of those shots that depends very little on equipment or technique, other than capturing the moment. I can guarantee you, two seconds later and the little girl would have been off her toes, moving on to the next thing. You can't be fiddling with camera controls when a shot like this appears.