Monday, May 5, 2014

And Now Some Monochrom(e) Results From the Same Challenging Light

Yesterday, I shared my overall negative results with CineStill film. For comparison purposes, I want to show some results from a roll of Ilford Delta 3200 that I shot at the same house concert.
All of these were shot with my Leica M4-2 (Dreaming in Monochrom(e) camera). That's the only difference from the CineStill shots, which came from my M6. Same exposure levels, same light, same lenses.
Now, as you can see here, the lighting really was a challenge. Some of these shots show the deep shadows under subjects' eyes, for example. What isn't present is any of the general underexposure, the liquid tracks in the film emulsion, the high levels of dust, or the unexplained spots of light in the frame.
On another note, this was one of the first house concerts I've attended. It seems to be fairly common here in the DC area, which is very cool. I've got to perfect my technique for these photographically-challenging yet very fun events.
I'm thinking just a light touch of fill flash would have gone a long way in my monochrome pictures. I don't know how the mixed tungsten and flash would work with color film, but I suppose I could add a filter to the flash to match it to tungsten lighting. Hmm. Once I have an acceptable color film, I'll have more ideas to play with. If I can find such a film. If not, I'll perfect it digitally.