Thursday, May 22, 2014

Super Quick, Super Positive Post about Film Photography Project (FPP) Walking Workshop!

I attended the FPP Walking Workshop in Findlay, Ohio today. Twelve hours of photographic fun, discussion, and practice. We got to sit in on recording a session of the FPP podcast, had two separate amazing equipment raffles, had two walking tours, opportunity to develop our own films, an instant photography extravaganza (with everything from small Instax images to 8x10 Impossible Project film!), and much more... All for the amazing price of ZERO DOLLARS!
(Click Here) to check out FPP. Listen to their podcast. Importantly, buy your film from them; they match or beat the big stores' prices.
Here's part of what I won in the first raffle, a Nikkormat FT3 body and 50mm f2 AI lens. The FT3 is unique in the Nikkormat line, in that it supports the use of AI lenses; earlier models are for pre-AI lenses.
Raffle Prize!
This lens is somewhat interesting. Only marketed for a couple of years, it is unique in the Nikon line in that it has six aperture blades. Most (all?) other Nikkors have an odd number of blades. This six-bladed model produces a characteristic star pattern when used to shoot bright points of light. I'll demonstrate this when I get a chance.
For now, I'd like to say thanks to all the FPPers who made the event a lot of fun!