Friday, May 16, 2014

Vicarious Travel, Luoyang City, China

From time to time, I see a forum post that really makes me want to see some place new, a place I've never been. This time, it's thanks to Martin Tai's post on, about Luoyang, China. He shows us several pictures of a mountainside and caves (Longmen Grottos), literally covered with an estimated 100,000 sculptures of Buddha.
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Here's where Luoyang is located (thanks to Google Maps):
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I wonder how one gets to the grottos? I've never been to China, at least beyond a short business trip to Hong Kong many years ago. I'm always amazed at the size of the country, and the diversity of regions and people there. I work with many Chinese scientists, from many different regions within the country. I enjoy talking with them about the specifics of their local areas. Languages, religions, food, all vary widely depending on where in China they live.
Maybe a China tour is in my future, once I get to the phase of life where I have time for such things.