Monday, June 2, 2014

10 X 10 = 100 Years of Leica

This is an important time for Leica. Celebrating their 100th anniversary and moving into a new headquarters in their original home of Wetzlar, Leica is having fun on several fronts.
In addition to introducing highly exclusive camera editions that most of us will never see, they've commissioned an exciting series of photographs from contemporary photographers, pairing each of them in style and spirit with an important photographer from the past.
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The ten photographers, and their conceptual partners from the past are listed below:
Jing Huang and Henri Cartier-Bresson
Craig Semetko and Elliott Erwitt
Julia Baier and René Burri
Dominic Nahr and Robert Capa
Evgenia Arbugaeva and André Kertész
Kirill Golovchenko and Lee Friedlander
Alec Soth and William Eggleston
Amedeo Turello and William Klein
Thomas Ruff and Alexander Rodchenko
Saga Sig and Jeanloup Sieff
Each of the ten chosen photographers created ten images, which are now on exhibition in the Leica Gallery.
(Click Here) to read more about the show on the Leica Camera Blog.
The blog shows one representative image from each of the featured photographers. I'd like to see the rest, as what they show is intriguing. Reading this also reminds me of how many great photographers have come before us, and how I should become familiar with their work. While many of the names of the greats listed above are familiar to me (some are not), I would have trouble pointing out the style of any of them with the exception of Bresson and Capa. There is a lot for me to learn from them.
I appreciate the Leica is celebrating the past and looking to the future with this event.