Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cole Thompson on Vision

I recently read a great post on Cole Thompson's blog, about how he found his own vision. Cole started the journey with a portfolio review where the reviewer simply said that he was copying Ansel Adams. He told Cole that Ansel had already done Ansel, and he was never going to do it better than him.
This set Cole on a journey to find and develop his own vision, which he describes in a set of ten steps.
(Click Here) to read the whole post on Cole Thompson's blog.
A few of the elements of the post I like best are:
  1. He printed 100 of his most loved images, then sorted out those that he personally loved (not those that others happened to love). Then, he set his mind to pursuing more images like those.
  2. A direct quote: "I had to remind myself that this was not a race or a contest, I was not competing against others...I was competing with myself."
  3. Cole's vision didn't come to him in a flash, but in a moment of realization: "Vision was simply the sum total of my life experiences that caused me to see the world in a unique way."
I also like Cole's assertion that your vision is not necessarily associated with a particular look or style. You can bring your own vision to anything you set your mind to.
This is a very well-written piece, and one that makes me think more about why and how I pursue photography.