Saturday, June 14, 2014

Royal Street, New Orleans - 13 Strings and a $2 Bill

New Orleans is such a musical city. While I was there, the Jazz Fest was happening, but I decided not to go in. I figured that I can attend a music festival in any city. I wanted to experience New Orleans music, the music that's there every day. I was not disappointed.
This is "13 Strings and a $2 Bill," playing at sunset on Royal Street:
13 Strings and a $2 Bill, by Reed A. George
Leica M6 Titan
Having a dog along with your act seems to be a real revenue increaser. This guy looked just a little bored, even with Nora tapping away right next to him.
Check 13 Strings and a $2 Bill out - (Click Here) to visit their facebook page. Youtube has several videos of them as well.