Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bruce Davidson's Leica - How a Leica Should Look

Image Source: http://leicaphilia.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/davidson1.jpeg
There's a nice post on the blog Leicaphilia, about an image Bruce Davidson made of a British girl holding a kitten. The photograph is beautiful, and worth the click.
(Click Here) to see the girl with kitten on Leicaphilia.
But, the image above, of Davidson's Leica, is what impressed me. Now that's what I call brassing. Tough to call this on "minty" if it ever hits ebay.
As I've shared before, I bought my first Leica, the M4-2 that I've used for the "Dreaming in Monochrom(e)" series, used and cheap.
(Click Here) to see my Dreaming in Monochrom(e) series of posts.
My friend recommended that I forget about having the vulcanite replaced, stating that it would be better to look like I'd carried my camera through a war than like a dentist out with his new jewelry. I've followed that advice. My M4-2 is just a ugly/beautiful as when I received it.