Thursday, January 16, 2014

SFTC Results - More From December's Nikon F2

I recently posted black and white results from the Nikon F2, a camera that really reminds me what I loved about camera equipment from the very start. Here are some color images (Kodak iso400 print film) from around my home here in Northern Virginia. The weather's been interesting lately, and I hope I captured some of the feel of it.
You may recognize this first composition, as I shot it in both color and black and white (see previous post). I strongly prefer the result in color, which surprises me a little.
Made with the Nikkor 135mm f3.5 pre-AI Lens (one of my favorites)
The next two were shot with the Nikkor 200mm f4 pre-AI lens:
The Old Mill
Now for a few shots from Manassas National Battlefield:
The next two are from a quick walk around our "nature walk," a small plot of wetland that one of the local developers set aside and built a boardwalk around:
And finally, two shots of my favorite human subject:
And so, this wraps up the results from the SFTC series from 2013. It's been a blast pulling out a different old film camera each month and spending enough time to evaluate its capabilities. I certainly reminded myself of a few old favorites and rediscovered one or two hidden gems that I just hadn't paid attention to lately. You'll be seeing more from some of these cameras in the future, and I have one or two more that didn't make it in the top twelve in 2013. So, stay tuned!
By the way, help keep this kind of photography possible - buy film! Support your local (or distant) processors who still provide their critical service!