Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Lumix Camera USA / Asia Catalogs Posted

New Panasonic Camera System Catlogs Posted

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Panasonic has posted a beautiful series of catalogs and marketing material for their camera offerings in the US and Asia.

(Click Here) for the main page.

These are really well-done pieces, in my opinion.  I have looked at the DMC-G3 and DMC-LX5 catalogs pretty closely, as I own and use both.  Looking at the G3 catalog reminds me that I too easily get stuck in my ways, and neglect to learn all the features of my cameras.  For example, I really need to play with "Pinpoint AF" function, which allows you to indicate on the LCD the exact point in the image where you want to focus.  So far, I have not used the touch screen much at all. 

Of course, these catalogs also remind me of all of the optional accessories, flashes, and lenses available for the Lumix system.  Uh oh, I feel Gear Acquisition Syndrome coming on again...